Monday, February 21, 2011

Stop, and play

mmmm....This weather makes me come me a little over-eager for Spring but 60s and sunny in February gives one a little hope for an early Spring.

The writing class I am taking has centered around a trilogy of books that contain a lot of Christian symbolism (Ted Dekker, anyone?) Our assignments are to think (deeply) and to write. In the stories there is a Creator (Elyon) who represents God and His creation which represent us. In the stories Elyon turns the world upside down on his creation for a day (The sky is the ground, the trees are above their heads, etc.).The creatures  tell the stranger in their midst (who wonders what the heck has happened) that Elyon  is merely "playing" with them. They delight in His creativity and simply enjoy his "games".

The thought of God "playing" with His creation was a new one to me. Certainly he lovingly guides, protects, and always acts with purpose. But does he "play"? hmmmm....

Beautiful sunny days when the air smells of promise and pleasure. Those "What? I thought I was the only one?" moments (of which Lewis speaks) with a friend. A hug or a smile that seems straight from the arms of Christ. The moment when your heart once again realizes the incredible hope which is His love and all you can do is weep. Yes. He plays. He loves. Though His creation is marred by sin He gives us glimpses of beauty and pleasure and his infinite creativity.

Maybe this seems naive and overly simplified. However, for a person like me who cannot sit still, and tends to be a little too analytical, the concept of God as the Divine Artist who delights in the reactions of His creation at His creativity was a much needed Revelation (yes, that was a run-on sentence=). You can give yourself all the "pep talks", sermons, etc. in the world but they're not going to make a bit of difference in your life if you don't "feel" loved by someone. When God sends a beautiful day or a caring person into your life it is like a "hug" from Him.

So that's my thought for the day.

Now, excuse me while I go enjoy the sunshine =)

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