Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Great Romance


What comes to mind when you see that word? For me, it's a giant silk heart that contains chocolate candy, such as you might receive on Valentine's Day. (Random, I know, but that is me =)

Speaking of Valentine's Day...I always used to hate it. I hated seeing people acting "stupid" over their current girlfriend or boyfriend and saying things they retract a few weeks later or going way too far with their emotions or spending way too much money (yes, I am a little "tight"). So now that everyone is feeling all toasty warm inside...That was cynical, I know and I probably wouldn't feel that way if I was "in a relationship". I just have a problem with giving too much of yourself to someone else. Mainly because I'm an insecure person (But more about that in another post =)

I said I USED to hate it. By God's grace my viewpoint is different. This year I saw the beauty in it, because it reminded me of something very important.

As so often happens, God really got my attention through a  book, songs and conversations.

From the beginning, Creation chose to doubt God's wisdom and do what they thought would fulfill them. The snake brought into question the very nature of the Father when he tempted Adam and Eve. Isn't that still the struggle? We are given a choice. (Because love isn't love without choice.) What God says, or our desires? So often choose to ignore the very relationship that will bring lasting joy. We were created to have intimate fellowship with our Creator. But our hearts are torn between what we were meant to be and what we think will fulfill us. The beauty of The Great Romance is that Christ is always "pursuing" our hearts. He possesses a passionate love for us. He is a jealous God and will do anything to have our complete and unadulterated devotion.

Yet we have done nothing to deserve such an unyielding, forgiving love. Like Gomer (in the book of Hosea) in the Bible, we run from His arms to those of other lovers, refusing to acknowledge the gift  that is ours. But still He pursues. Still, he rescues. Still He lavishes love, forgiveness and healing upon us. Incredible.

 Human relationships are supposed to be a picture of his pursuit. His forgiveness. His relentless love. Yet, we fall so short. Still, there is hope because out of the glorious love we have been given by Him, we find the strength to forgive. The motivation to love selflessly. We love because we are loved.

 To me human romance is beautiful (or has the potential to be so) simply because the idea of it is straight from God's heart. Though we screw it up royally, it is a beautiful, tangible expression of the love we have received from the Father.
Simple, yes, but it was a revelation to me.

So(though it's a little late for this), Happy Valentine's Day.  =)

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