Sunday, October 2, 2011


  Are you really gone? I know you are because there is this terrible ache in my heart...but somehow this doesn't even seem real...keep thinking you're coming back will give me a big hug, tell me how much you've missed me, tease me about my curls that day and we will have a long talk. I found myself thinking about how much you love this time of year...this beautiful October sky and the crispness in the air...The Holidays and how much you loved the festivities. I found some flowers from the last "birthday bouquet" you gave me... I know you often doubted what you contributed to this gave those around you so much but above all,  you have left a legacy of love. You loved and valued all those around you. You were a faithful man, a source of stability in this world of so many changes. You made those you came in contact with feel special and cared about. You pointed them to the love of the Father by simply caring, listening and serving.
  I get angry when I think of what you endured. The unfairness of it all. And then  I think of your sweet face. Your calm acceptance of your trial. Your unwavering assurance in the strength of your Creator and His love for you and your family. Your conviction that even when you couldn't see it, He was working and would continue to work for our good and His glory. Oh, how I wish I had your faith right now, Daddy...Thank you for all you gave us...thank you for inspiring me to dream...and to make my dreams happen. To live my life for find fulfillment in Him.Thank for inspiring me to write, to laugh, to have fun...Thank you for treating me like a princess...Thank you for loving me unconditionally...thank you for pointing us to Jesus...I love and miss you Daddy...more than I can say...forever and always...

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