Monday, April 11, 2011

Smile and the whole world...ignores you...

Whatever happened to smiles? Hardly anyone smiles anymore. I try to be a cheerful person and put a pleasant look on my face but I know i am not always conscious of how solemn and depressed I look sometimes (particularly if i am in deep concentration or completely ticked off). Still, there seems to be a general lack of cheerful people in the world. Obviously everyone can't go around with fake smiles on their face if they're having a bad day. Yet people just seem so generally miserable. Has it always been like this? I spent nearly 5 minutes talking to a random elderly lady in the grocery store once simply because I made eye contact and smiled at her. I'm not calling myself Mary Poppins, and plenty of people can attest to the fact that I can have a rather cryptic, ornery manner if i am crossed. It just breaks my heart how many people  don't care to have any kind of personal connection anymore. It's almost as if it would take too much emotional energy. I love technology just as much as the next person but replacing the human connection with the next bigger and better advance of technology is contributing to the death of society. No one knows how to spell. No one knows how to have an intelligent convesation. No one knows how to engage their brain enough to see their children playing dangerously close to an oncoming car (believe me, I've come incredibly close to snatching a few kids away from their if I end up in jail, you know why!)

         Why this random rampage? Why do I sound like an indignant old person, wishing for "the good old days" ? I'm not sure, but the state of society bothers's a symptom of a deeper I'm too tired to analyze, please excuse me while i go watch some TV =)

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