Wednesday, March 2, 2011


That's the title of a new Pink song. (Yes, i listen to "pop" music on occasion...well, more than that, but that's for another post....=)
Now, while I don't advise a steady "diet" of Pink I do enjoy a few of her songs. This one in particular caught my attention. In it, the singer is reassuring someone, despite their mistakes, wrongdoings, and different-ness (I suppose that's a word....) they are "perfect". The song is a celebration of each individual's uniqueness and renunciation of the culture's idea of "perfect" and living life in the confidence that comes of embracing said differences. I like those thoughts. A lot. A little too much, perhaps. Why? Because they all get back to ME. I am BEAUTIFUL. I am GIFTED and UNIQUE and if you don't like me for me, you can buzz off. I am CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED.

Now I think Pink's intentions were good when she wrote that song. After all, there is nothing wrong with reassuring someone they are special and don't need to be "normal" as defined by the culture. There are many that need to hear that they are loved, despite their differences and apparent imperfections. The problem comes when we start looking to ourselves for significance and confidence. "The heart is desperately wicked, who can know it" (Jer. 17:9) comes to mind. We are torn between what our sinful nature wants and what the Spirit of Christ desires. We will never be "perfect". Even our best intentions and kindest deeds are motivated by selfishness...a rather depressing thought, actually, until you realize that despite all that, Christ loves us anyway. He gave his perfect Son so that we could have the fellowship that we were designed to have with Him. He LOVES us. We will be His perfect Bride (2 Cor. 11:2).

we are IMPERFECT. Our default nature is to behave selfishly. Even if we don't say it, we believe that we are "grandiose" (watch Charlie Sheen lately, anyone? So sad...)
BUT. We are loved, regardless. Is there anything more confidence- inspiring or empowering than knowing you are loved without condition? Sure, let's celebrate the unique way that our Father created us, but lets not forget it was the Father. True and lasting hope comes when we realize that our only hope lies in Christ and HIS perfection.

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